Dating from birth crossword clue shroud of christ carbon dating

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Dating from birth crossword clue

The movie star posted on his Weibo account in August last year that he was seeking a divorce because his wife Ma Rong had cheated on him with his agent.Ma, who insists there is more to the story, although she has yet to give further details, is suing Wang for tarnishing her reputation in a case that is still ongoing.But buried in the sharply climbing statistics lies a darker truth: domestic violence and extramarital affairs together are the leading causes of divorce in China.Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court said in March that 93 per cent of its divorce cases in the past year involved domestic violence or extramarital affairs.

“The past three years have been the most painful time of my life.She constantly suffered from verbal abuse from her husband, whom she married just months after first meeting him.She became pregnant soon after they married but was left alone in hospital for weeks when she suffered complications that threatened the baby’s life.The average age at which people in China get married is 26, according to a 2015 survey by the All-China Women’s Federation.Many relationship experts and lawyers put the rising divorce rate down to higher expectations and growing financial independence, especially among women.

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Couples can either register a divorce with the civil affairs authority, indicating they have agreed to go their separate ways, or they can sue for divorce through the courts, which can rule on custody of children and how to dispose of any assets.

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