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Regular meet-ups take place in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin, and will re-start in Christchurch once a new co-ordinator is found.

Poly hookups happen on Tinder and Ok Cupid while Kiwiburn, our version of the Burning Man festival, is known for being a poly hangout.

"There are as many ways of being polyamorous as there are polyamorous people." Ana, a soil scientist, and Samantha, a teacher, live together with their two children. Samantha remains in the main house while the other two use the sleep-out.

The next day, Caleb returns to the home he shares with Sue, who used to live with Ana and Caleb in a love triad, but can no longer abide Ana's company.

They were living the suburban dream, so what was her problem?

"When I started reading about polyamory I wondered if it might be the solution, so I brought it up with my husband.

After kissing a string of damp cold frogs, Kim has just started seeing a poly man who is also married.

Famous polyamorists include billionaire Warren Buffett, writer Neil Gaiman and singer Amanda Palmer, and the late William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman as an amalgam of his two loves.

A cornerstone of polyamorous relationships, unsurprisingly, is communication.

Meanwhile, although Samantha considers Caleb to be a good person, she can not bear to be physically near him, which is the way she feels about all adult males.

THE FAME AND THE FICTIONPolyamory was popularised by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein's novel and hippie free-love communities in the 1960s.

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Both men are heterosexual and relations between all parties are harmonious and happy, like a tiny commune."They hang out and catch up for beers as mates sometimes," says Mia of the two men in her life.