How to become online webcam slave Free sex chat with thai girls

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How to become online webcam slave

Her own thoughts were little more than vague shadows in the fog-like thrall of Laura's control.She knew only who she was and what was happening to her.Now she shivered with anticipation at the idea of posing for her Mistress, and felt a mild sense of disappointment when it never came to be.As she crossed the threshold into the living room and her eyes fell upon her Mistress, warm and liquid pleasure flooded her pussy.To be so enslaved as to have completely lost herself to sexual desire, to have no respite from unending lust and need until she became little more than sexual want personified, to... Heather did not dare straighten up until she was told. "Wouldn't you just love to be taken from behind right now? Pleasure rose unbidden, out of her control to either stop or ignore.Laura took another drink as she watched Heather tremble.

She remembered how she had first feared its ubiquitous presence, that Mistress would use its webcam to reveal her induced servitude to the world.She placed her glass on a small table beside the chair and reached into a pocket of her robe."I suppose we could do the next best thing." Heather whimpered as Laura held up a long dildo, its gel-like surface gleaming faintly.Marcie shuddered and whimpered, her legs shifting until Heather saw the moisture along her inner thighs near her bare, glistening delta. I know you want to." "P-please punish me, Mistress," Heather said in a soft, breathy voice. " "Your little wet pussy maid, Mistress." "And is your pussy wet, my little maid slave? " As the humiliation burned in the back of her mind, she briefly wished for the simple bliss which Marcie felt. Laura took the glass and settled back in her chair.Heather still wanted to shudder in revulsion, but under Laura's influence, she could only utter a sigh of envy. "Don't make me have to punish you." Heather swallowed and held her breath as another wave of pleasure drove her pussy to the straining edge. She took a slow sip, watching Heather remain still. "Can't you just imagine a nice, fat cock slipping into your cunt right now? A single drop of overflowing arousal trickled down her thigh.

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Everything else was an orchestrated play, her body a puppet to Laura's desires.

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