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Close to 80 per cent of the men surveyed did not want to date divorcees, and 93.8 per cent preferred not to date people who already have children.

Women were more open on this front, with 33.5 per cent willing to date divorcees and 12.9 per cent willing to date those with children.

Ms Lim hopes to use the data to understand her clientele better and to help them manage their expectations.

"People are wired to look for certain things in their ideal partners," she said.

I was hanging out with a white male friend recently, and we were discussing interracial dating.

Last year, 20.9 per cent of marriages registered here involved couples of different races, up from 20.7 per cent in 2012.

They humorously, or in some cases, seriously consider having a relationship with a man who does not share their same heritage. They generalize certain behaviors and characteristics about women of their same ethnicity, while flirting with the idea of dating someone who is of a different ethnic background. However, in relationships where two individuals come from completely different cultures, with two entirely different backgrounds, it is important to ask questions.

Social media has coined these interracial love affairs, making the #swirllife an all-out movement. Here are a few important things that everyone should know about interracial dating. Successful interracial relationships thrive when both people feel comfortable asking the uncomfortable questions. Unfortunately, interracial relationships are still a target for hatred and ridicule.

For instance, men across all age ranges showed a preference for women in their 20s.

While younger women preferred men aged 30 to 35, older women aged 45 to 50 seemed more inclined towards younger men aged 25 to 35.

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That is at the forefront; everything else is irrelevant.