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So that sort of takes her outside of time and space, and it just means she’s almost like untouchable, when you’re that hurt, when you’re that broken by the world. And she’s had a drink, and he’s Don Draper at the end of the day.

This may be a very silly question, but I’m just going to ask it — do you think Diana is a real person? I do think she’s a real person, but what do I know? In last night’s episode, Don goes to her restaurant, she says she never wants to see him again, and then he gives her his card and she calls at 3 a.m. And for her, if she can keep it as anonymous as possible — she doesn’t want to connect with someone. He really sees her and she sees him, and it’s like everything she doesn’t want, but it’s also like she’s alone in the world.

During a break from rehearsing her new Off Broadway play Permission, Reaser called Vulture to talk playing the waitress, “sexing it up” for her audition, and the fan reaction. I’m so surprised that Matthew Weiner has brought you in, this major character, so close to the end. And it was one of the toughest secrets because I was essentially lying to everyone in my life about where I was going [laughs]. My best friend [Justin Kirk from Weeds] and I would watch the show.The story sounds cool: Annabel (Reaser) learns from a psychic that she has already met and dumped the love of her life. Right and marry him within a year or remain single forever. Even though I’m bummed that this project likely will derail Ruggiero’s plan to develop a series about a pair of crime-fighting female superheroes, I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with , a vampire thriller about a teen (Kristen Stewart) who falls for a creature of the night, with nary a slayer in sight.The revelation leads Annabel to track down all of her exes, who seem to be numerous. Despite the fact that is yet another remake of a foreign show and sounds blatantly heterosexual, a couple of things give me hope. Sure, I’m still a little bitter that Busfield won the heart of Allison Janney‘s character, C. Reaser plays Esme Cullen, the matriarch (frozen at age 26 when she “changed”) of the vampish Cullen clan.His first TV series was Sports Theater with Shaquille O’Neal in which she played Molly in the episode in 1998.Elizabeth’s first stage performance was in play Sweet Bird of Youth in 1999 as Heavenly at La Jolla Playhouse. However, she is a vegetarian and is even listed as one by PETA.

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The problem is she really connects with Don Draper. You know that feeling of someone just gets you and sees you. It’s how she moves through the world, and she doesn’t need Don.

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