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Richard blackwood mtv dating

Richard began his career as the host of the UK's version of Singled Out.

Richard's talents know no bounds, and he is multi-talented in fields like acting singing and hosting an event.

For any young guy, that is too much too soon."At one time considered a potental British rival to Will Smith, Richard instead became a punchline, a byword for late 90s nostalgia.

The turnaround began in 2011, when he won the role of Donkey opposite Amanda Holden in the stage version of hit film Shrek.

Richard Blackwood came across a bit of a tool on Celebrity First Dates, and tried to dig his way out of it by saying he’d rather have been matched with an ‘eight’ than a ‘ten’.

The East Enders star got his date’s name wrong, drank ‘girly’ pina coladas, boasted about his career and talked so much he officially broke the record for the longest date on the show so far, as confirmed by maitre d’ Fred Sirieix.

Money and success gives you freedom.’ He also boasted to Diana about his BBC show: ‘East Enders on a bad night gets seven million viewers.

Like once you do East Enders, the next big thing after that can only be Hollywood.’ We’re all for a bit of self-confidence, but surely that’s ridiculous?

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"I think men who don't accept responsibilities as fathers are lower than scum.

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