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Similar to trends in spousal homicide overall, most victims of spousal-murder suicides were killed by a current rather than an ex-spouse.

Family-related murder-suicides represent the most fatal outcome of family violence.Prince Edward Island was the only province to have no family-related murder suicides between 20.Description for chart 2.4 The majority of family-related murder-suicides involved just one victim (82%) while 13% involved 2 victims and 6% involved three or more.Over the past 50 years, five-year average rates of family-related murder-suicide incidents have ranged between 0.6 and 1.2 incidents per million population.While there have been annual fluctuations over this time period, the rate of family-related murder-suicides has generally been declining since peaking in the mid-1980s (Chart 2.3).

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Earlier research has shown that drug and alcohol use by the accused is often a factor in violent crime, and spousal-related violence in particular (Mihorean 2005).