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How disrespectful, and if you still havn't got enough you're trying to take our land Dokdo! While North K and South K were fighting you changed the East Sea to Japan Sea, You say Part of Russia is yours and you also say Philipinnes is yours! I know that this does'nt really relate to dokdo, but what I'm trying to say is that horrible things like torturing have occured which involved a few japanese people. you koreans have done horrible things too,' i want everyone to realise that not ALL Japanese people don't admit all the wrong things they have done. Now I would like to ask the Korean supporters a question.Don't you have enough you evil minded freaks????!!!!! Until you stop your selfishness and apologize for what you've dont in this last century! Territorial disputes are modern issues that exist now. Japanese government has officially apologized for what the former militaristic regime has done to Korea. Japanese kids learn about the invasions and all the horrible things their ancestors have done to other Asian countries. also, its not exactly their fault for being educated about history differently. If you really and truly think that "dokdo" belongs to you guys, why won't you solve this issue at the International Court of Justice in Holland?

Problems with personal accounts should be addressed on the support page.You can also log in to your account and view all the support tickets you’ve sent from one place.The phone number listed in the privacy statement for Pinterest is linked to an answering machine.I went to Korea during this summer and I have to say Dokdo is our land. Also, if you didn't know, from 1933 to 1945, japanese doctors performed countless numbers of cruel experiments on Chinese, Russian, Mongolian and Korean people. We need to move on so that it never happens again in the future. and that "The island does not appear ever before to have been claimed by Korea".IF ANY of you fools actually went to Dokdo you'll notice it has a rock with an engravement that says Dokdo belongs to Korea. You push sticks in our butt and penis and you invaded twice then said we invaded, then you make a black fort punishing people who did no wrong at all right next to Gyung Bok Palace! At unit 731 alone, approximately 3000 people were tortured and killed. But no, the Koreans doesn't want to do that, instead they ask for more "apologies" and more "money" from Japan. Also there is the San Francisco peace treaty signed in 1951, and all the nations attending the conference agreed that the Liancourt Rocks would be in Japanese hands. No evidence is shown from the Korean side of arguments, they only say "Dokdo belongs to us" and stuff like that.

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