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Shroud of christ carbon dating

Pope Pius XII stated, A precious treasure, the Holy Shroud, which displays, both to move and comfort us, the image of the lifeless body and tortured face of Christ.” And Pope John XXIII declared, “Digits Dei est hic” (“The finger of God is here.”)However, to believe that the Shroud is the actual burial cloth of the Lord is not a matter of faith. As Cardinal Saldarini of Turin stated, “It’s not Christ, but something that brings us back to him.

The first public exhibition of the Shroud, held full length, occurred in 1357, sponsored by the Canons of the Cathedral of Lirey.

Moreover, cotton fibers particular to the kind of cotton found in Palestine are also present in the linen cloth.

Pollen evidence also places the origins of the Shroud in the Middle East.

In March 1453, Margaret de Charny gave the Shroud to the House of Savoy, and it was kept at the Chapel of Chambery Castle (June 11, 1502). 4, 1532, but was burned at its folded corners when its silver reliquary began to melt.

(To date, one can see the patches applied to the Shroud because of the burn marks.) MORE INFORMATION ON THE SHROUD During the medieval period, other supposed shrouds were reported and displayed, such as in Chambery, France; Lierre, Belgium; and Acireale, Sicily.

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In more recent times, extensive research has been performed on the Shroud, beginning with the STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) team in 1978.

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